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Appreciate Your Food More, Eat Mindfully

Start with focusing on part of your meal or snack as your "mindfulness" target--such as a cracker, olive, or orange slice. Before you put it in your mouth, note the color, shape and texture. Does it look appetizing to you? Do you notice any reactions in your body when you look at it? Does your mouth water? Does your stomach growl? Notice what is happening in your body. Move your hand slowly toward your mouth with your food. Take a moment to smell the food as it approaches your nose. Just notice. As you place the food in your mouth, notice all the sensations. Where is the food positioned in your mouth? What happens with your tongue? What tastes are you experiencing? Where on your tongue do you taste the different flavors? When you decide to chew, notice how the texture of your food changes. Notice the placement change of the food in your mouth. When you decide to swallow, notice all the changes that take place in your mouth and throat. Can you feel the food item moving down toward your stomach? What do you notice in your stomach now? Sit for another few seconds and notice any other changes in your body.

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  1. Thank you for this post! This is a simple routine to adopt and yet it is so powerful. Most people who overeat do so unconsciously. So simply moving the process of eating well and truly into the conscious will reap you major dividends!